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Geo Data Analysis

To find best locations for your business

For business

To discover where are your competitors


In your business area or exactly your kind of business

Best locations

Empty spaces on the warm map are more than half of the answer to the question “where is the best location for my business”

For property owners

where are the best locations to invest in property

Population and density

The answer to a question about where to invest, what for, and what trends


How price of a property will grow

How it works

You are the businessman. You’re looking for a good location for your business, a burger restaurant for example.

  1. We’re analyzing the city to see other restaurants, fast food, and kebab (you know better what kind of competitors to put on the list) and you will get the warm map with your competitors.
  2. Then we will analyze POI (points of interest) like ATMs, benches, museums, etc. This will answer where the crowd is walking and what interested in.
  3. Finally, we are making the population density map of this city. This will give an answer to what is the most populated neighborhoods if you are not interested in the historical center of the city.


Points of Interest

Population density